[EN] Cycling tricot WYKON is back.

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

[EN] Cycling tricot WYKON is back. Classic long sleeve top perfect for cool summer night rides. Great performance in the spring and fall. Together with thermal functions shirt ensures comfort up to 0˚C. Tricot WYKON commemorates Warsaw velodrome cycling clubs. Grey color is a tribute to the Warsaw Cyclists' Society and their velodrome located on Dynasy. Red, green and white are colors of military sports teams, Legia Warsaw. Dominant orange combined with green, black and red refer to RKS Orzeł, the owner of the last, still existing cycling track "Orzeł/Eagle" aka "Nowe Dynasy/New Dynasy", that we strive to preserve. The tricot is our attempt to remind history of Warsaw velodromes.

PREORDER lasts until February 8. Your tricot will be ready in 6-8 

A model for children is also available.

If you have questions, please write: kwiatek@kwiaciarniagrafiki.pl