[EN] INSIDE/OUTSIDE – SP 38 – street art, silkscreen, exhibition, live silkscreen

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki will host SP38, an icon of an engaged Paris and Berlin street art scene. During his residency SP 38 will create a mural and will present works made in silkscreen technique at our location. The vernissage will transform into a silkscreen performance rather than sheer presentation of his works.

Sylvian Perier, aka SP 38, French artist, whose works exceed the limits of one discipline. Painter, street activist, performer whose artistic output could be seen in many countries. He started in the 80s as a part of the art movement Figuration Libre. In Paris he got engaged in artistic activities at many squats CAES, Boinod, Garage 53... cooperating with Zen Copyright. In 1985 he took part in a meeting organized by VLP (Vive La Peinture), that could be considered as the origins of French street art scene. Since then the streets have become the main theater of his actions. In 1995 he moved to Berlin which back then was boiling with street art operations. He got absorbed with actions in Tacheles, Acud, Prora in Rügen, Blühende Landschaften Gallery, Stattbad. He bombed the streets of Berlin, especially Kreuzberg with ironic posters saying, i.e. „Vive la bourgeoisie”, „Vive la crise”.

That’s how we got attracted to the works of SP38. During our visit in Berlin we noticed his typographic style posters which due to their economical and engaged language stood out among the magnitude of acts that completely covered up Berlin streets. He undeniably mastered technique of drafting letters: for K, R, E, F we could burn in hell and it spurred us to take actions. We are proud to host SP38 and collaborate on another front together running the project TYPOZINE devoted to celebration of the sheer beauty of letter. We had an opportunity to show this project at the Frichez-nous la Paix gallery run by SP38 in Paris. At the moment we finalize the third round of cooperation incited by common fascination presented at the Kwiaciarnia Grafiki.

The Exhibition Inside/Outside, contains all we love. Silkscreen, typography, workshop and public space activism. During his stay SP38 will carry out street intervention and an exhibition at Kwiaciarnia Grafiki. Both of them will combine elements of typography, colors and slogans. The vernissage will be a combination of exhibition and workshop. Make sure to bring some textiles, as we also plan to run live silkscreen and who knows what else. During the exhibition you will be able to see some earlier works of SP38 and the ones prepared especially for the Warsaw visit.

vernissage 8 Nov, at 19 o’clock
Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, Smulikowskiego street 6/8, second yard, basement
Exhibition until the end of November by making a prior appointment.

More info https://www.facebook.com/events/549097108848818/

SP38 residence supports the Goethe Institute.

Sylvian Perier aka SP 38, French painter, street artist, billsticker and performer. Born in 1960 in Coutances in Normandy (France), grew up in Manche. From 1976 to 1979 studied in the art school „La Poulinière” in Saint-Lô, and at the Academy of Fine Arts and Media in Cherbourg.

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki,  silkscreen and graphic design workshop/hub; from time to time a gallery specializing in presenting contemporary works made in silkscreen technique. Starting last year we have been also running online store graphicsflowershop.com where you can purchase silkscreen artifacts. Kwiaciarnia Grafiki is run by an illustrator Marta Kwiatek and an activist, graphic artist and cyclist Kwiatek. AKA collective Kwiatuchi.