[EN] „Polish bloke with mysterious bullet” — Rafał Dominik

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

Serisito — Rafał Dominik — „Polish bloke with mysterious bullet” — serigraphy

Invitation to the grand opening of new serigraphy by Rafał Dominik „Polish bloke with a mysterious bullet”. We are presenting author’s digital version masterpieces, that were converted into handmade serigraphs at Kwiaciarnia Grafiki. Rafał Dominik, got his diploma at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 - at Leon Tarasewicz atelier. He has been creating sculptures, paintings (also digital), collages, videos, and animations.

Dominik’s serigraphs were created in Warsaw Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, that is dedicated to promoting serigraphy not only among its fans, collectors but also artists. They have been inviting to cooperation encouraging to try their skills using this noble and at the same time modern print technique - citing Maurycy Gomulicki, one of the project’s author.

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki presenting Serisito tries to include the aspects of serigraphy that are for them especially crucial. Unique — hand screen print allow short editions ranging from several to several dozen items. Technique repetition influences its democratic price set on the affordable level for both fans and collectors.  Authenticity, each print is signed by an author. In the serie Serisito will take part many authors. 

Serigraphy by Rafał Dominik available at graphicsflowershop.com by Kwiaciarnia online shop with serigraphy artifacts. Each available print can be viewed in person at the workshop at Powiśle after prior appointment.

Rafał Dominik works have been shown in the most important institutions related to contemporary art, recently at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Arsenał Gallery in Białystok, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice. As a fan of pop culture, Rafał Dominik regards arts as an important element of social life and is dedicated to provide it to wider audience.