[EN] Rafał Szczepaniak — „CIŚNIJ”/”PRESSING” — serigraphy

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

Rafał Szczepaniak, aka Mr beautiful from Kutno, front man of a band Tłuste Kwiaty. The one who has not graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań. In spite of that he carried on against the current. An artist, illustrator, director. His works were exhibited at Zachęta  National Gallery of Art, Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, BWA Wrocław… awarded with numerous prizes. He published his works in major Polish magazines ranging from Przekrój to Playboy.

Time for next challenge, serigraphy  I decided to give serigraphy a try, as I like to share but within certain limits. I wanted also my serigraphs would be pressed by the same hands that had screen printed works by Mariusz Waras (M-City), Maurycy Gomulicki and Sławek Czajkowski (Zbiok)  added Rafał. For us it is also a very important act, as for some time the more cycling engaged part of Kwiaciarnia Grafiki team has been sprinting mazowiecki roads. This work combines the beloved: serigraphy, bicycles and people.

Serigraphy edition, 26 items of handmade serigraphs, two colors, format 50x70cm. Perfect not only for fans of Rafał’s graphic skills, but also for everyone who not only has ever had the wind blowing through hair experience but also crystal drops of sweat.