WarSawScreen — Roland Barth / EN

by Henryk Kwiatek

Berlin based artist Roland Barth has been active in the silkscreen printing scene since 2007. His residency at Warsaw Kwiaciarnia Grafiki workshop will be opening the next silk screen printing season. 

Exhibition WarSawScreen — Roland Barth
Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, 28 October, 7 o’clock. until the end of November.
6/8 Smulikowskiego Street, drugie podwórko, suterena

The exhibition „WarSawScreen” is devoted to his latest monoprinting works. Roland Barth renounces the traditional ‘coating and exposing’ aspects of classical silkscreen printing and instead paints directly onto screens. He is a master of “action printing,” creating large format abstract compositions. He is a silkscreen painter. 

The artist’s residency will be accompanied by an exhibition with Kwiaciarnia Grafiki. It’s aim is to hold an exquisite series of works devoted to Warsaw. The pieces will be included in the second part of WarSawScreen.

— The exhibition is extremely poignant due to two main reasons. Firstly, we are presenting an artist who was the first to tutor us in the art of silkscreen printing. Secondly and importantly, we witness the development of his artistic path since our first meeting. His almost photographic language has provided a completely new painted form. Barth has rejected repetitiveness within silkscreen printing principles to pursue the capture of gesture, moment and emotion. He has retained this ethos by employing silkscreen printing tools, for example, squeegees, screens and paint to create unique works. During the last couple of years his style has progressed into printing painting. ‘I do not find it unjust to compare Roland Barth to Jackson Pollock. Both artists rejected figurative elements for emotions and the pair pushed creative boundaries,’ states Kwiatek from Kwiaciarnia Grafiki. 

Featured at the Kwiaciarnia Grafiki exhibition are all the works made with this unique silkscreen printing technique, not in the usual method of applying each paint after another. Instead, the paints have been added simultaneously. This technique has renounced the elementary principles of creating a piece and discards the repetitive aspects of silkscreen printing. Such gesture throws rudimentary features of silk screen printing ‘out of the window.’ Complimenting the “Berlin” works, Roland will prepare a series of pieces during his residency prior to the exhibition. Reflecting on the “Warsaw” works the author adds, ‘I would like to find proper, effective way to combine abstract elements: organic matter that I am devoted to and static urban structures typical to cities. The works will combine contrasting aspects: still and static structures and abstract, unrestrained forms, including also photography with painting / printing…’

During the process of creation Barth takes into consideration, not only the content and behaviour of the paint in different connections and conditions, but also the process of identifying “the right decision”. The “Warsaw” series will also take into account the place where the works are being created, providing additional contextual layers. Although the artist strives to avoid randomness whilst creating the piece, he faces many unpredictable situations. He continually makes observations and reacts to them. He enjoys studying the unfinished work to deeply survey it and provide an exquisite character.

Roland Barth (born 1983 in Berlin) has worked in silkscreen printing since 2007 and has cooperated with various silkscreen workshops, including Pony Pedro and Fleischeri / Czentrifuga, whilst simultaneously developing his graphic knowledge at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. In 2010 he established MehrSiebdruck, a silkscreen workshop in the Wedding district of Berlin. Together with other contemporaries they provide a silkscreen service and also conduct their own personal projects. 

Roland Barth Residency is supported by GOETHE-INSTITUT in Warsaw.

Curators: Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, to pracownia sitodruku, studio projektowe, galeria. Prowadzi również sklep internetowy graphicsflowershop.com, gdzie prezentuje artefakty sztuki sitodruku. Kwiaciarnię Grafiki prowadzoną ilustratorka Martę Kwiatek oraz aktywista, grafik i rowerzysta Henryk Kwiatek. Ostatnio zaangażowani w ratowanie warszawskiego toru kolarskiego Orzeł Nowe Dynasy.

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