[EN] Cyclographs — posters, graphs, apparel. Around bike culture

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

Cyclographism — (bicycle rider aka cyclist; gráphō from Greek write, draw) «part of graphic arts related to cycling. Performed in any technique and duplicated on any surface».

CYCLOGRAPHISM, is another realm of bike visual culture presented during Bike Days. Maybe slightly less dynamic comparing to movies, but much more lasting. Posters, graphs, apparel cropping up along bike culture moves. There will be cyclographs related to Bike Days and Kwiaciarnia Grafiki/Graphic Flower Shop. You will have an opportunity to see already a cult poster dedicated to the history of the last Warsaw velodrome „Tor Orzeł”/”Eagle Track”. There will be tricots and serigraphs, a series of great posters accompanying Bike Days from the very beginning. The exhibition CYCLOGRAPHISM is an opportunity to see it all, feel it and... purchase ♥.

LIVE SCREENPRINTING. Bring some light-colored textiles to use them during the vernissage. There will specially designed cyclograph to print it on and on and on, for free!

AT NIGHT. After the vernissage, if still enough power, we can go for a night ride. get your  wheels and we hit the Warsaw streets along the 608 or N41 lines.

VERNISSAGE: 3 October, at 7 o’clock
locations: Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, 6/8 Smulikowskiego street, second yard, cellar.
The exhibition will last until 15 November after prior appointment.


Bike Days Festiwal Filmów Rowerowych Bike Days Film Festival the biggest bike film selection in this part of Europe. Bike Days is first of all quality cinema festival and the bike is just a pretext to tell a story of their characters. 

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, serigraphy and design workshop, gallery with an online shop  graphicsflowershop.com with serigraphy works. Kwiaciarnia Grafiki is run by an illustrator Marta Kwiatek and an activist, graphic artist and cyclist Henryk Kwiatek. Recently engaged in preserving Warsaw Cyclist Velodrome Orzeł Nowe Dynasy.

Tour de Varsovie city cycling or simply getting to know the city from the two wheels perspective. Due to its wandering-about specifics belongs in a way to traditional cycling, touristic cycling. Tour de Varsovie is a member of the initiative Nowe Dynasy dedicated to preserving cycling velodrome Orzeł located In Warsaw Praga district. It is aimed to return the place to Warsaw inhabitants for activity purposes.