Graphics Flower Shop at Berlin Graphic Days

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

We invite all fans of our screenprinting artifacts for the next edition of BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS #12. Few words about us. We are screenprinting and graphic design workshop/hub; a gallery specializing in presenting contemporary works made in screenprinting technique. From last year we have been also running online store where you can purchase screenprinting artifacts. 

In Berlin we will present a our textile brand THE BAD SERIES and new black line. Each silkscreen printed t-shirt is handmade. But for us, silkscreen is primarily paper artifacts. On our stand You could find many graphics:

Maurycy Gomulicki – Naked ladies are my favorite thing in the world. I like also forest, sunsets and many other natural phenomena, but frankly speaking the most – girls. I like them madly – the way they seduce... but basically in total. Different types. Brunettes and blondes, long-legged and petites, freckled and colored – long list to count all of them. It is difficult to love one at a time, but it is possible to draw the full harem of them. 

Vera King – Graphic Arts Studies graduate, commits herself to diversified facets of illustrations. She prepared the series is a series of synthetic illustrations made in screenprinting technique revolving around the topic of prudishness, chastity and sacred morals.

Chazme – artistic output primarily encompass large format murals that can be encountered in many cities also outside of Europe. From the very beginning his artistic actions are closely bond with the city. At the start the city served as a notebook where he placed his letters, consequently it became canvas for his geometrical urban visions incubating city mirage and loops.

Marta Kwiatek is the prettier half of Graphics Flower Shop. Marta is an illustrator, Arts Studies graduate, part of collective Kwiatuchi. 

And more handmade silkscreen artifacts which are revolve around the cycling Tour de Varsovie, letters typoposter of Typozine as well as the Silesia Typography series and more life. Hope see you there.

Join us on Saturday or Sunday from 12 to 21.
X LANE, Reichenberger Str. 154
Berlin, Kreuzberg