Kwiaciarnia featuring Nymphs

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

Like spring serigraphs do not cease to excite with an abundance of colors. After the long sensually depressive winter detox we strive to deliver masses of vivid thrill decoded in fluo colors, forms and shapes. The exhibition by Maurycy Gomulicki is truly exceptional, as the pink color coincided our paths: Pink not Dead by Maurycy ultimately appealing and our bitchpink/suczyróż untiring equal-coloring-position fighter. “Kwiaciarnia featuring Nymphs” is a series of 11 serigraphs that are aimed to sparkle up your eye and pimp up your make up with a hint of pink.

– Naked ladies are my favorite thing in the world. I like also forest, sunsets and many other natural phenomena, but frankly speaking the most – girls. I like them madly – the way they seduce... but basically in total. Different types. Brunettes and blondes, long-legged and petites, freckled and colored – long list to count all of them. It is difficult to love one at a time, but it is possible to draw the full harem of them. So I am drawing, sometimes from memory, sometimes based on photographs. As far as I can recall since I was 6 I have been doodling images of princesses – wearing dresses and without – and I have been doing it until now. Simplifications are one of the privileges of imagination – it is not dreaming about a psychologically complicated individual, but about a water nymph, a wench, a bitch, a coquette, a female pirate or a witch. All of these figures are determined by a couple of attractive attributes and the same refers to the characters of the synthetic drawings: ballerina, goddess, braided, big boobs babe. I like simplifications both in bed and on pictures. I am enticed by a wide array of fetish images. On the graphics there are additional elements that immediately make erotic associations, i.e. stiletto heels, tights and other rather less obvious objects, like a scull or a bike. Usage of these artifacts provides direct reference to the tradition of allegorical performances. The act takes a prominent place in the history of art. It is fun to play with conventions, walk on the line between vulgarity and elegance – act in the pink zone. It is even more exciting as the project is run together with other enthusiasts. Serigraphy is a noble and at the same time modern technique – for me a true fanatic of the vivid color printing in fluo was great fun. I hope this indecent, cosy exhibition causes some smiles and make you blush. Viva Spring! – Maurycy Gomulicki, Mexico DF, April, 2018

Kwiaciarnia featuring Nymphs – Maurycy Gomulicki
15 may 19 o'clock, Kwiaciarnia Grafiki
Smulikowskiego street 6/8, second yard
Exhibition until the end of June after making an appointment ATTENTION!
The exhibition can be also viewed online at

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, screenprinting and graphic design workshop/hub; from time to time a gallery specializing in presenting contemporary works made in screenprinting technique. From last year we have been also running online store where you can purchase screenprinting artifacts. Kwiaciarnia Grafiki is run by an illustrator Marta Kwiatek and an activist, graphic artist and cyclist Kwiatek. AKA collective Kwiatuchi. 

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