[EN] The brand new thing – Warsaw Typography – Powiśle

autor: Henryk Kwiatek

We are from Żoliborz, but it is about Powiśle where we have been running a workshop on Smulikowskiego street. Finally the location has also been displayed in our offer. Henryk Kwiatek got down to tackling the image of probably the highest building of the district: the train station Warsaw Powiśle designed by duet Romanowicz and Szymaniak.

― if you venture through Warsaw Powiśle, we highly recommend to take a stop at the PKP station Powiśle. We are constantly thrilled by the site of the concrete construction designed by Romanowicz and Szymaniak. Lost in admiration I decided to dedicate a new design series “Warsaw Typography”. In general the surrounding of the upper part of the station is one of the places I truly enjoy in Śródmieście. Synthetic form “Gate to Powiśle” brilliantly clashes with the Poniatowski bridge towers, which open up unconstrained view to the other side of the river bank [from the other side of Aleje Jerozolimskie the view was blocked by the stadium site]. Once at the station platform, smitten by the “ragged shelters”, turn around in the Śródmieście direction and look over the scarp. The “Hammer” will guard you. Afterwards straight downstairs through concrete sleeves to the most ethereal disc structure. I still remember the times when you could get there tickets. Currently a perfect place for small beer at Warszawa Powiśle, they take good care of the old cashiers. With the ticket straight to Powiśle and Kwiaciarnia Grafiki! where we are printing some serigraphs ― that's all folks, Henryk Kwiatek

Here you can see this typography act and more

Warsaw typography ― series of handmade serigraphs combining typographic representations of Warsaw architecture pieces. Soon next typographic acts of Warsaw architecture pieces.